The passion for dry martini and chats with bartenders around the world sparked its founder, Sergio Marques, in knowing more about the history of gin. The reading of Prohibition by Francois Monti, with striking accounts of The Gin Crazy in England’s seventeenth-century and the Prohibition Law in the United States during the 1920’s, brought the inspiration for the new brand. The perfect location for distilling was found in the heart of Portugal, in a farm in Alentejo, where fresh citrus fruits could be distilled immediatelly after harvest. After months researching botanicals and lots of recipes tastings, SAVVY was born. Smooth and balanced, fragrant and citrus, SAVVY is a hancrafted superior gin, inspired by historical references but with a contemporary and sophisticated approach.


SAVVY is commonly used to describe a person who knows what is cool and trendy.
One who knows well how to choose and has a great sense of taste. A person of friendly attitude, a discrete connoisseur who is a good speaker, but also a good listener. A very knowledgeable person with whom you could chat for hours on various subjects, including gin. Specifically about gin, SAVVY is an expert. SAVVY is a bit of all of us participating on building this superior brand.